Upper Respiratory Illnesses and Pneumonia Outbreak

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The World Health Organization warns that upper Respiratory Illnesses and Pneumonia Outbreaks in China may spread to the United States this summer.

Along with new COVID variants EG.5, HV.1, and BA.2.86, a new outbreak of Upper respiratory illnesses and pneumonia from China may spread to the United States this summer, The World Health Organization warns. They suggest everyone stay masked up, stay vaccinated, and boost their immune system medically or holistically, which may add some protection against these new illnesses.

Some people are still experiencing COVID-19 symptoms without having COVID, which is known as long COVID. Others are also experiencing upper respiratory illnesses, which is also from being affected by COVID while being vaccinated and boosted.  At this time, The World Health Organization still has no answers.  Three years later while vaccinated and boosted, it seems like people are still being affected by COVID. The vaccine provided some protection, but not full protection from the disease that changed the world.

The public, our communities, families, and our society are still at risk, so what do we do and how can we continue to fight to stay alive?