About MedinetUnited
MedinetUnited is a social network site for Healthcare workers.

About us

Welcome to Medinetunited.com – The first online social networking and health information website serving the entire healthcare industry, coming together and uniting as one. Where everyone can meet, form relationships, make new friends and network with their co-workers and healthcare associates. Here at Medinetunited.com, we have thousands of members just like you who are looking to connect with new friends, share healthcare information, romance and network with that long time co-worker friend within the medical field.

Our website is dedicated to uniting all union workers, hospital associates and medical professionals nationwide for social networking, dating and to help share new healthcare information that may improve patient care and that may also help your healthcare associate. It is completely free to join
medinetunited.com and as soon as you do, you can add your profile photo and create your own personal profile. It costs nothing to read about the latest health information and start connecting with friends. As a member, you can upload music to your personal profile, view job listings, search the real estate listings, purchase medinet united merchandise, read about the latest health information, view advertisements, create groups, view the event photo gallery, upload pics and videos. You can also become a gold
member and gain access to the medinet united video chat for a small monthly fee, where you can meet new friends and video chat with co-workers.

So what are you waiting for? join medinetunited.com today and start meeting other healthcare associates and union workers that you may want to connect with. We welcome non-medical professionals as well.

How does medinetunited.com work?

Medinetunited.com is free to join, you can search our database of members, view photos and profiles of other healthcare associates. When you've found a healthcare associate that you may know or want to get to connect with, you can make contact by e-mail and start uniting as one with him or her. Once you've joined, we'll send you an e-mail within a few minutes to confirm you want to join. 

Make sure to check your spam or junk mail folder in your e-mail if you don'tt get a response immediately. Simply respond to the e-mail as it instructs and you're free to search for other members and healthcare associates, we welcome non-medical professionals as well. After you've subscribed, you can e-mail whoever you like and continue to search other member’s profiles. You can also read about the latest hospital news and union update information that impacts the healthcare industry and may also improve patient care nationwide.

So join medinetunited.com and lets all unite as one.